Founders and Key Personnel: Biographies


Frank Macklin, Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Macklin has more than 30 years of launch vehicle and space experience. He is a recognized expert in propulsion engineering and launch vehicle design, and has extensive knowledge of GN&C systems, devices, and software. Frank has invented and patented numerous space-related components.
Prior to co-founding Parabilis, Frank was a founding executive and Vice President of Engineering for SpaceDev Inc. (subsequently acquired by SNC) for more than fifteen years. One of his significant accomplishments at SpaceDev was leading the team that designed, built, tested, and integrated the hybrid rocket motor that successfully powered SpaceShipOne into space, winning the Ansari X Prize and creating the world’s first private astronaut.
Prior to SpaceDev, Frank co-founded Integrated Space Systems Inc., and held several leadership and engineering positions at General Dynamics-Space Systems. Frank has served his country as an officer in the United States Air Force, and as a technician in the United States Marine Corps.
Frank earned his BSEE at San Diego State University, and holds numerous space-related patents. In addition to being part of the team winning the X Prize for SpaceShipOne, Mr. Macklin and the team received the Collier Trophy, annually awarded to those who make the greatest achievements in aeronautics or astronautics in the United States. He has also received the Space Frontier Award from the Space Frontier Foundation, received an AIAA award for Outstanding Contribution to Aerospace Engineering, and was recognized by SNC with the yearly Significant Technical Achievement Award.

Chris Grainger, Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Grainger has more than twenty-five years of experience designing, testing, producing, and flying propulsion vehicles and other spacecraft. Prior to co-founding Parabilis, Chris served at SpaceDev Inc. (subsequently acquired by SNC) for more than fifteen years.
While at SpaceDev, Chris developed the spacecraft bus structure of CHIPSat, an innovative small satellite that was launched into orbit in 2003 and performed successfully until it’s decommissioning in 2008. He designed, built, and successfully tested the Space Shuttle-compatible Hybrid Maneuvering and Transfer Vehicle, designed to autonomously perform a two-burn circular orbit transfer. Chris also led the engineering team that designed, developed, and performed LV integration of Trailblazer, a small spacecraft delivered in 4 months from ARO and flown on SpaceX’s Falcon 1. He contributed substantially to the SpaceShipOne and other manned spaceflight programs, designing the main feed valves for the rockets in multiple vehicles.
Prior to SpaceDev Chris contributed at Integrated Space Systems, and also General Dynamics-Space Systems where he did substantial engineering work on the Atlas series of launch vehicles. His varying responsibilities included ordnance, thermal protection, separation systems, and fluid components.
Chris earned his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly-Pomona, and his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University. He holds numerous space-related patents.


Greg Berg, Chief Engineer, Satellite Markets

Mr. Berg recently joined Parabilis Space Technologies and is the Chief Engineer for satellite systems.  Mr. Berg has over 39 years of aerospace engineering experience directly related to systems development, space systems and satellite design, satellite ground and on-orbit mission operations, re-useable space vehicles, shuttle and expendable payload integration, Smallsat, Microsat and Nanosat development, and cutting-edge technology research and development.  Prior to joining Parabilis, Mr. Berg served Boeing and Rockwell International.  A partial list of his accomplishments includes:

  • Chief Engineer at Boeing responsible for large system efforts (e.g. Orbital Deep Space Imager, Space Maneuvering Vehicle, Space Transfer Vehicle, Ellipso Communications Space Segment) and smaller efforts (Proprietary payload development contracts, Space Superiority system studies, Nanosat Programs).
  • Boeing Chief Engineer for the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Space Environment NanoSat Experiment (SENSE) Program. This program designed, built, tested and delivered 2 Flight Vehicles and 2 Engineering Models with 4 different Space Weather Payloads in 19 months.
  • Chief Engineer for Boeing Phantom Works Advanced Space and Intelligence Systems and the Proprietary Advanced Missions organization which included Chief Engineer responsibilities on proprietary programs.

Mr. Berg earned his BS degree in Engineering from San Francisco State University


Dave Streich, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Streich has more than 25 years of experience in numerous industries including technology, biotechnology, and aerospace. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and metrics, and talent acquisition/retention in highly-competitive marketplaces.
Prior to co-founding Parabilis, Dave served in various executive positions for the publicly-traded companies SpaceDev Inc., AMCC, and Alere Inc. He was also a Senior Consultant at Keilty, Goldsmith & Company and worked with top executives for American Express, Pfizer, Northern Telecom, First Data Corporation, and Deloitte. Dave also co-founded and is actively managing Carlsbad Human Capital, a company dedicated to meeting the HR needs of companies in emerging high-growth industries.
Dave earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in organizational communication from San Diego State University, and served as an adjunct faculty member in that department.


Shannon Eilers, Principal Aerospace Engineer

Dr. Eilers is an accomplished propulsion and aerospace engineer with more than ten years of industry and research experience.
Prior to co-founding Parabilis, Shannon made substantial engineering and technical contributions at SpaceDev Inc. (subsequently acquired by SNC). Shannon led the team that designed, assembled, and successfully launched a 2000 lbf class hybrid sounding rocket demo, proving that hybrid technology could move from concept to flight in less than four months. His superb engineering skills were essential to both the SpaceShipTwo and other manned spaceflight propulsion programs.
Shannon earned his BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Utah State University. One of his many accomplishments at USU was a CubeSat-scale hybrid motor prototype with a regeneratively-cooled aerospike nozzle and secondary injection thrust vector control.

Anthony Gemmill, Aerospace Engineer

Mr. Gemmill has more than seven years of aerospace experience and possesses a wide variety of valuable engineering skills. Prior to co-founding Parabilis, Anthony was an Aerospace Engineer at SpaceDev Inc. (subsequently acquired by SNC).
Anthony designed, developed, integrated, and tested numerous components on the hybrid propulsion system for Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. He performed over 300 cold flow tests during feed system development, and many critical day-of-test installations and operations for the vehicle’s ground and flight testing. Anthony was a key technical lead on a 2,000 lb thrust hybrid sounding rocket demo that progressed from concept to flight in only 4 months. He led fluids, feed system design, and assembly for the program.
Anthony earned a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from San Diego State University.

Richard Slansky, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Slansky brings extensive operational and financial expertise to Parabilis. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in both public and private aerospace, technology and healthcare organizations.
Prior to co-founding Parabilis, Richard was the CFO of GenMark Diagnostics, Inc., an early stage molecular diagnostic company focused on infectious disease tests. He implemented strong financial controls, led the financial and due diligence teams that successfully raised over $130 million in the public market, directed cross functional changes to improve performance, internal controls and efficiency, and developed an expanded state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
Prior to GenMark, Richard held presidential, financial and operating positions at several companies including Digirad, SpaceDev (subsequently acquired by SNC, and Calbiochem. At SpaceDev he was responsible for accounting, finance and business management functions, including SEC reporting and compliance, banking, business development, contract negotiations, information systems, investor relations, operations and regulatory compliance. Richard’s efforts were essential to building the SpaceDev team, increasing shareholder value, and closing the sale of the company to SNC.
Richard earned his BS degree in economics with a concentration in decision sciences from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He received his master’s degree from the University of Arizona’s Eller Graduate School of Management in business administration, with a concentration in finance and accounting.

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