Small Satellite Capabilities

Parabilis is a low-cost provider of satellite bus structures, propulsion systems, and support services tailored to the unique needs and tight budgetary requirements of the cube-, micro-, and smallsat markets. Parabilis engineers have extensive experience designing, testing, assembling, and integrating small-sat buses and structures, and can design a custom bus for any payload. Parabilis personnel provided the technical leadership for two 6U Perseus-M satellite buses, the power systems engineering and flight support for the successful CYGNSS constellation of eight smallsats, and (most recently) the assembly, systems integration, assembly, test, commissioning, and launch prep for the Landmapper smallsat constellation for AstroDigital.


Inclination Change Orbit Analysis

Analysis & Support

  • Developing & using improved Concept of Operations (CONOPS).
  • Mission simulations.
  • Trajectory & orbit analyses and optimization.
  • Flatsat and HWIL test capabilities.
  • Clean room SV assembly, integration & test.
  • Environmental and acceptance testing.
  • Post-shipment inspection and testing.
  • SV to LV launch integration.
  • Post-launch bust commissioning.
  • Flight ops support; spacecraft monitoring.
  • Digital and Infrared Imager calibration expertise.

Featured Satellite Programs

CYGNSS Micro-Satellite Constellation

Power systems and flight support for CYGNSS constellation

Landmapper Small Satellite Constellation

Systems engineering, integration, and test for global imaging small satellite constellation

Maneuvering and Orbital Transfer Vehicle (MoTV) from SpaceDev