Parabilis Wins NASA Contract to Advance Additive Manufacturing Methods

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. of San Marcos, CA announced that it was awarded a contract by NASA to develop a novel additive manufacturing method to enable the use of multiple dissimilar materials in an additively manufactured parent part.  “This additive manufacturing method will be especially beneficial for in-space thrusters and spacecraft structures,” said Chris Grainger, Vice President of Engineering for Parabilis.  The goal of this work is to dramatically extend the economic and design advantages of additive manufacturing into areas where tolerances, available homogeneous materials, or print support constraints are insufficient for part production.  “Our innovative approach should significantly advance the state of the art of additive manufacturing technology, not only for thrusters and in-space components, but for aerospace and general mechanical parts as well,” said David Streich, Parabilis CEO.

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