Parabilis Wins NASA Phase II Contract to Develop Launch Vehicle Upper Stage

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc., in collaboration with Utah State University (USU), was awarded a Phase II contract to develop a low cost, high performance launch vehicle upper stage that uses hydrogen peroxide and a polymer fuel grain as propellants. Development of this upper stage will fulfill growing mission demands of the extensive CubeSat and NanoSat market by enabling dedicated launch for CubeSat scale payloads.  The proposed “green-propellant” system offers significant advantages over competing technologies in the areas of cost, safety, and mission capability.  This system will align with a variety of NASA goals and was designed to integrate directly into NASA Marshall’s NanoLaunch 1200 architecture but, due to the strategic choice of propellants, it can also adapt to other launch vehicle architectures with minimal changes to ground and flight mission operations.  A prototype of this system was successfully test fired during Phase I; Phase II will be a full-scale development effort including the design, manufacture and test of a “protoflight” unit as a flight-capable propulsion system.

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