Parabilis Awarded Follow-on NASA R&D Contract for Flow Control Device

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. announced today that it was awarded a follow-on contract by NASA’s Stennis Space Center to continue development of an in-line, dynamically-adjustable, flow-control cavitating venturi assembly.  A cavitating venturi provides mass flow control in fluid systems by accelerating working fluid until it reaches vapor pressure at a narrow throat, then recovers working pressure through a shallow divergent section.  “This innovative design by Parabilis will greatly simplify propulsion testing and reduce costs for tests in which the desired liquid flow conditions are not precisely known prior to conducting a test series” said Chris Grainger, Vice President of Engineering for Parabilis.

Prototype demonstration testing was conducted January of 2019 and showed tremendous promise in the proof-of-concept flow tests.  Under this follow-on contract, Parabilis will further development of the test article through two design, manufacture, and test cycles. After the second round of testing, a test article suitable for use at NASA will be made available for delivery.

Parabilis Space Technologies designs, develops, tests, and flies affordable propulsion, launch vehicle, and spacecraft solutions.  Parabilis was founded in 2014, and is located in San Marcos, CA.  Parabilis will add higher-scale water flow capability to its propulsion test facility located in east San Diego County to accommodate the demands of this program.

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