Parabilis and FreeFall Awarded Air Force R&D Contract

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has teamed with FreeFall Aerospace of Tucson AZ to develop FreeFall’s novel Inflatable Spherical Antenna, and integrate the antenna into a CubeSat platform.  Freefall’s innovative electronically steerable inflatable structure allows a large aperture, wide field of view antenna to be packaged into a shoebox-size satellite platform.

Parabilis will develop a design reference mission (DRM) relevant to Air Force interests using the capabilities of the antenna, and perform vehicle level design and integration into the previously-flown and highly-successful Astro Digital Corvus 6U CubeSat bus.  FreeFall will focus on continued design and development of the balloon materials, deployment mechanism, and antenna performance.  This work will be performed under a contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for their Next Generation Small Satellite Technologies program.

“We look forward to working with both FreeFall and the Air Force to incorporate this exciting and innovative technology into next-generation small satellite platforms” said Dave Streich, Parabilis CEO.

Parabilis Space Technologies designs, develops, tests, and flies affordable propulsion, launch vehicle, and spacecraft solutions.  Parabilis is located in San Marcos, CA and operates a propulsion test facility in eastern San Diego county.

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