DoD Selects Parabilis to Develop Nitrous-Ethane Propulsion System

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. of San Marcos, CA announced today that it has been selected by the Department of Defense to develop a low-cost, high-performance, modular propulsion system utilizing nitrous oxide (N2O) and ethane as green propellants. The Self-Pressurizing Orbital Rocket (SPOTR) module that will be developed in subsequent phases of this program may be the first space vehicle to utilize a nitrous oxide/alkane system for propulsion.

Said Dr. Shannon Eilers, Principal Engineer at Parabilis and Principal Investigator for this program: “This system will add a higher-performance option to Parabilis’ current line of self-pressurizing in-space propulsion products and will be scalable, restartable, and refuelable.”

CEO Dave Streich stated: “The SPOTR system has the potential to meet a wide range of DOD propulsive needs at a price that makes it ideal for DoD satellite constellations that require dozens or hundreds of small satellites.”

In Phase I of this Program, Parabilis will work with Air Force and Space Force end users to identify performance parameters and metrics and define a clear path that leads to flight demonstration. The SPOTR module will be designed, developed, built, hot fire tested, and flown in subsequent phases.

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