DoD Selects Parabilis to Develop Rapid Propellant Loading System

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. of San Marcos, CA announced today that it has been selected by the Department of Defense to develop a rapid and reliable ASCENT propellant loading system.

According to Parabilis CEO Dave Streich, the U.S. Space Force has a critical need to conduct 24-hour “callup” missions but there are numerous technical/logistical challenges preventing this goal from being achieved, one of which is the time required to reliably and robustly load propellant into spacecraft/payloads prior to launch. Mr. Streich stated, “The Parabilis system will solve this problem, enabling responsive access to space at a reduced overall cost for the government and taxpayer.”

ASCENT propellant, developed by AFRL, is a green propellant with game-changing density impulse. According to Chris Grainger, Vice President of Engineering for Parabilis and Principal Investigator for this program, ASCENT fuel does not present a vapor hazard. Mr. Grainger stated, “Propellant loading operations for ASCENT have the potential to be substantially streamlined compared to the loading operations for traditional propellants such as hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide. The Parabilis system will save time and reduce human error.”

During this initial phase, a conceptual design of loading system hardware will be completed (along with a digital twin), and the CONOPS and operational procedures will be created. A ground refueling demonstration will be performed in a subsequent Phase.

Parabilis develops affordable propulsion and satellite systems for government and commercial customers and is an acknowledged world leader in safe, green, economical hybrid propulsion. Parabilis is located in San Marcos, CA and operates a propulsion test facility in Lakeside, CA.

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