NASA selects Parabilis for Lunar Transfer Stage

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. of San Marcos, CA announced today that it has been selected by NASA to develop a high-performance hybrid rocket stage suitable for both small spacecraft maneuvering and trans-lunar orbit injection. This effort will leverage work performed under a previous NASA contract for a hybrid upper stage vehicle. The stage is economical, non-toxic, non-cryogenic, restartable, and compatible with multiple “venture-class” launch vehicles. The stage will be offered in two sizes, the smaller of which is optimized for injection of a 25 kg class payload to trans-lunar orbit, or lunar halo orbit. The larger stage will be compatible with venture class launch vehicles and will target delivery of a 60 kg payload to similar orbits with the same delta-V.

During the first phase, Parabilis will design, manufacture, and hot fire test a representative-scale prototype motor. This work will significantly reduce both the technical risk and the effort required for the flight-ready prototype system that will be tested in subsequent phases.

According to Chris Grainger, Parabilis VP of Engineering: “The propellants for this stage will be 90% hydrogen peroxide and PMMA. In addition to being green, these propellants will result in one of the highest density specific impulses achievable with storable propellants.”

Parabilis CEO Dave Streich stated: “NASA wants to explore lunar environments using small spacecraft. To perform these valuable missions within limited science budgets, a new stage is needed that will fit within the new wave of economical small launch vehicles and reduce launch integration and handling costs. The Parabilis hybrid stage will fulfill that need.”

Parabilis develops affordable propulsion and satellite systems for government and commercial customers and is an acknowledged world leader in safe, green, economical hybrid propulsion. Parabilis is located in San Marcos, CA and operates a propulsion test facility in Lakeside, CA.

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